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Online Investment Has Never Been So Simple

Need to earn extra dollars or bitcoins but don’t have extra time to do it? Our site will do it for you. MIAROI is a online investment company open for all investors.

We provides a full investment service focused on the Bitcoin trading market and Forex trading market. We have our own algorithmic Automatic Trading Software and a large number of computer servers. All trade is automated by our trade robot software and it work 24 hours a day! We let it easy to make profits for all of our investors.

We have a secured system where your money is 100% guaranteed to be safe and protected. There is no better time than now to take the next step on the path to financial freedom.





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How To Get 150% Monthly R.O.I?

Get More Than 150% Monthly R.O.I, you don’t need to do anything, our Automatic Trading Software will make the entire process for you. You just need to become a member of MIAROI, and then make a deposit through the Members Area. Every business day you can earn profit and Instant withdraw. Fast principal return! MIAROI holds your deposit funds for Only 15 Business Days or less and what follows it is pure More Than 50% Monthly Net Profit!

Also, by referring members you can increase your profits further, to endlessly generate completely effortless income!
We offering 2 investment plans:



MONTHLY Gross Return

6.8% Daily for 30 Calendar Days(Mon to Friday) Principal Expired (Not Returned) Investment: 10 USD - 60000 USD Withdrawal: 1 USD - No Limits

This plan is the most lucrative one, chosen by almost 90% of our members. Upon deposit the platform will credit your account with 6.8% return every business day (in exactly 24 hours after the deposit was made), for the duration of 30 calendar days. For example, if you invest $10,000 on Thursday at 7:00 you will get $680 on Friday at the same time and the system will continue generating $680 interests every business day for the following 30 days. Upon exactly 30 calendar days the plan expire and you will receive $15,000 from which $5,000 is your net profit.


After 7 Days

108% AFTER 7 DAYS(One Week) Principal Expired (Not Returned) Investment: 10 USD - 60000 USD Withdrawal: 1 USD - No Limits

This plan is designed for trial purposes and it aims to establish trust between us and the newly registered members. This is a short term plan that aims to return your original deposit (principal) in only 7 days. The way it works is very simple, your deposit will generate 8% after one calendar week (exactly 7 days) for a total of 108% return. For example: you deposit $1,000 on Friday, you will get $1,080 in total by next Friday (exactly 7 days). Breakdown: $1,000 is your initial deposit, and additional $80 is your net profit given upon plan’s expiration time.

3 level Referrals Program

When you refer an investor to our website, you receive a up to 5%-3%-1% commission from your referral’s purchase of our investment fund into the MIAROI account. Commissions are paid immediately upon your referral’s purchase of investment fund shares, you are able to reinvest your commission or withdraw to your E-currencies account at any time.

Referrals program is available to all MIAROI Accounts. you can find your referral link and your referral details in " Referrals " section of your account menu. To participate in the program, you must distribute your referral link to your friends, colleagues or website visitors. Your potential referrals will then use it to access our website. Our system will automatically mark new investors that reached our website using your referral link as your referrals. You don’t even need to invest a penny, as long as you work hard, can have a great 3 levels referral commission income.

1st level: 5%

2nd level: 3%

3rd level: 1%

Protecting Your Privacy and Security

One of the most important advantage of using our MIAROI platform is the fact your private information and earnings stays 100% confidential at all times. This fact ensures your peace of mind to focus on your finances and plan your investment strategy and reach your goals safely.

We take security and privacy matters with utmost care and responsibility. At the event any issue arises within our firewall system its dealt with urgency by our 24/7 dedicated sys admins. You can stay confident that your privacy information and communication between you and our server will remain private, it’s heavily encrypted and protected in a remote data-center division. As a digital funds management service we will always do our best to carry the latest and most relevant security solutions, attempting to achieve a greater level of silent and proactive efficient protection!


    We allow to start earning for $10 only or freely by referring friends.

    We guarantee a short break-evenpoint thanks to high funds inflow that also cover system long-term stability, under lowest risk levels.

    Get amazingly high return of 150% monthly, and ~ triple your average monthly profits by compounding!

Our website uses EV SSL encryption

with an enhanced level of protection